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About Guestlist London

Guestlist London blog is a blog about nightclubs and getting on the guestlists for nightclubs in London. What to do, what not to do, etc. Follow some simple guidelines and you’ll never have a problem getting in again…

1) Arrive as early as possible to your venue. Doormen and women and pickers have to work long, unsociable hours. They’re more friendly at the start of their shift than the end, because they haven’t had to deal with any hassle yet. Aim to arrive between 10 and 11 (before pubs and bars start winding down).

2) Make an effort in the way you dress. This means wearing nicer jeans, nicer shoes and a nicer shirt than you might normally do. Make sure your shoes and belt match. Stay away from Timbalands and any type of trainers.

3) Arrive at the door in small groups – around 2-4 people is perfect. Each group should have an even mix of girls and boys.

4) Always be polite to the doorstaff. Feel free to ask them how it’s going, and make general small talk. The next time you go to the club, they’ll more than likely say hi to you.

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