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Funky Buddha Review

Strutting down Berkley Street, it is easy to walk straight past Funky Buddha, as it is only the subtle purple logo that beckons you in from street level. This exclusive Mayfair Club is not to be confused with Buddha Bar by London Bridge but has the same bar/lounge concept. Although the venue is slightly small and the dance floor can get packed, the place has recently had a half a million pound makeover which includes wall to wall mirrors, neon green lights and bar area seating.

Students are however, welcomed and sometimes not even ID’d if you confidently stroll through with guest list entry. It’s not uncommon to spot a great female DJ behind the decks on some weekends, spinning the latest RnB, funky house and some old classics. The bar staff put on a great show with their cocktail skills and certainly don’t hold back on the spirits.

The reward for ladies traipsing through London in 6-inch heels is that entry is free before 11pm but lads are still set back £20 for entry to the club, regardless of guest list status. A VIP area table is a great base to party from for a special night out and if a big group of mates all chip in, the £500 minimum spend may be deemed worth the while. Celebs recently spotted partying at Funky Buddha with bottles of champagne and sparklers are the Atomic Kitten girls and even Prince William.

As with any high brow West-End club, you have to be dressed to kill. No trainers, caps, or scruffy old t-shirts please.

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One Response to “Funky Buddha Review”

  1. Debbie
    9:47 am on October 12th, 2009

    Funky Buddha we got there before 11pm so no cover. We had a group of 9 girls. Some were from my program and other were friends of friends in London. First of all there were 2 for 1 drinks so of course I bought 2 drinks to start. Then we met some random guys and a girl with a table and bottle of champagne. The girlfriend offered us some champagne then one of the guys was a bit weird so we left. Then as we were on the dance floor we met more American guys 2 from California and they were in the VIP section and had 2 bottles…so free drinks and shots all night!

    I know a few of the girls might have snogged a few randoms and some of the girls may have even brought a guy back to our building …. haha crazy night! We were at Funky Buddha till about 3-4 am! Some of the girls went to get food so did not return until 5am! IT was Mental!

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